Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Sunburst Slouch Pattern now available for purchase on Etsy, Craftsy and Ravelry

JMO Creations new pattern The Sunburst Slouch is now available for purchase on Etsy!!!!

When I made this slouch hat I was outside in the garden and the sun was shining. Well the sun and the color of the yarn speaks for itself. I wanted a new slouch hat for myself and family that would look great on any head.

I love how breezy this hat is. Just staring at it makes you think you are staring right at the sun. The little optional brim just gives it that little extra shade on a really bright day.

This hat uses bulky yarn but can also be made using 2 strands of worsted weight yarn. It is super easy to make bigger by just adding increase rows.

I am pleased to annouce that the pattern is now available for purchase on Etsy!




Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Pattern Available The Bopper Topper

JMO Creations new pattern now available on Etsy!!!!

My new pattern The Bopper Topper is now available on Etsy.
The Craftsy and Ravelry links will be available shortly.

A little info on my new pattern.

Have you every watched an old movie from the 40s or 50s and just fell in love with the fashion?

That's what I did and it inspired me to come up with this pretty baby.
Hats from that era were usually made in felt, knit or crochet. I had to have one of my own.

This cap frames the face perfectly and look so elegant on. I think it is the perfect boating cap or cap for those awesome themed parties everyone seems to love.

This cap can be made in Adult sizes small to large and can be made with acrylic or cotton yarn.

This hat has two different styles as well. One style with a brim and one style without the brim.

(The flower pattern I used for the cap is a free tutorial by Bobwilson123 and the link can be found on the pattern)
I hope you enjoy this cap as much as I did making it.

Jess @ JMO Creations

Sunday, April 6, 2014

What types of patterns would you like to see this coming Spring and Summer

Hey there everyone.

With Spring and Summer coming I have been really busy designing new patterns. I love to make things for the seasons.

What type of patterns would you like to see.

Handbags, scarves, hats, wearables, etc....

I do have a beach cover-up coming out very soon. I am so excited about this one. It was so fun to make and is easily adjustable. 

I would also like to know if there are any specific types of patterns that you would like to see in my Top 10 Free Crochet Patterns newsletter for the upcoming weeks.

I love to here from my fans and followers and get ideas from everywhere.

I get so much inspiration from all around me. 

Drop me a line if you have anything to add or if there is anything that you really want to see more of this Spring/Summer.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend,

and as always,

I never go a day, without a little crochet!
I am going to do a special edition of the top 10 today. Instead of the top 10 free patterns I am going to be sharing 20 free patterns that all go along with a ripple design in some way.

The ripple stitch is my all time favorite stitch to use for blankets, hats, jackets, dresses, scarves, you name it, i love it. 

So this week I am picking my top 20 favorite free ripple, chevron or wave patterns to share with all of you lovely fellow hookers. (Yes I said hooker) If you crochet you know exactly what I mean. lmao!!

JMO Creations Top 20 Free Ripple Patterns

Pattern #20

His Aspen Scarf
by Kim Guzman


I love how masculine this pattern is. It's great for that man in your life or a pressie for your father or uncle. Even though it is Spring here in Cali, it is still getting chilly at night. This would be perfect to keep the other half warm.

Pattern #19

Winter Waves Chevron Cowl
by Lorene Haythorn Eppolite- Cre8tion Crochet


I love this pattern because it is very simple and quick. It would make a great gift if you have a party or birthday come up that you forgot about or just need a quick present. I love how you can change the look just by adding a few pops of color.

Pattern #18

Faded Ripple
by Jessie Rayot

This ripple is great as it uses a stitch you wouldn't normally see in a ripple. It gives each row depth when using different colors. Who doesn't love a fresh new look on ripples.

Pattern #17

Simple Summer Baby Blanket
by urszuleczka w

I love how clean these stitches look. It is perfect to keep the chill out of the baby's room on those cool Spring/Summer nights.

Pattern #16
Vintage fan ripple blanket
by Marinke Slump

I absolutely love how elegant this ripple blanket looks. I would love to see this on a bed or laying across the back of the couch. This blanket would look amazing in one color as well as multiple colors. It just has such a unique look to it.

Pattern #15

Crochet for Knitters - Granny Ripple Blanket
by Staci Perry 

I really love this pattern. Using the granny stitch to make a ripple blanket is an amazing way to use up those scraps in your stash. Who doesn't love a stash eater. That usually means new yarn. lol!

Pattern #14

Round Ripple
by Aggie May 

I love the round ripple patterns for so many reasons. You can use them for so many different things depending on what type of yarn you use. You can use it as a tablecloth, a bedspread or even a floor area rug. They just have so many options.

Pattern #13

Ripple Hat and Cowl Set: Hat
by Bernat Design Studio

Ripples are making their way to hats, scarves, cowls and clothing now. They are not just for blankets anymore. This hat is great for those cool evenings out at the beach.

Pattern #12

Baby Style Poncho
by Marilyn Coleman 

I love this little baby poncho. It is just so cute and would look amazing on any little one. You can customize it so many ways by just changing colors.

Pattern #11

Hexagon Slouch Hat
by Cindy Coleman

I love how the pattern of this hat ripples on its own. Just the stitch itself will ripple the design. this hat would look great solid or striped.

Pattern #10

Little Bow Skirt
by Teri Mitchell

This little girls skirt is just too adorable. With Easter coming up, I think this would make an adorable little outfit starter.

Pattern #9

Suzie's Ripple Sleep Sack and Cap
by Suzetta Williams

I think these little sleep sacks are just too cute. They are perfect for Spring and would make amazing baby shower gifts as well.

Pattern #8

Knee Socks in Crochet
by American Thread Company

Who doesn't love a great pair of knee socks. Well now you can make your own instead of spending almost $15 for a pair you like at the store. I love wearing knee socks. They are great for boots or to even to wear with shorts and tennies. I really love this ripple design and i want so many pairs of them. My hands are going to be very busy making these. LOL!

Pattern #7

Cardigan "P├ętales" Adult
by Marjoline Petit

I so want one of these for myself. You always see the baby size ones all over Ravelry but never an adult sized one. Well I found an adult sized pattern in many different sizes. The pattern author has patterns written in English and French.

Pattern #6

Square and ripple blanket
by Sara Palacios

I love how unique this blanket is. It has so many possibilities. I really just love how different it is. I haven't seen anything similar yet. 

Pattern #5

Brain Waves Beanie
by Liz McQueen

This hat is super unique. It is perfect for the other half in your life as well. Just by using masculine colors you can make it masculine for any man. I really love the waviness of this hat.

Pattern #4

Poncho / Skirt Wave Tutorial
by bobwilson123

I truly love this pattern, and I am not just being bias because it's my favorite designer. This pattern is so customizable for any fit. It can be used as a poncho or a skirt. The subtle waves through this pattern gives it great dimension. It looks amazing solid or striped or you can even use a variegated yarn to get a mixed striped look.

Pattern #3
Rippling Vest
by Nazanin S. Fard 

I really love this vest. It is so perfect for Spring and Summer. Since this vest is made with Crochet Thread #10, it makes it super light weight and breezy. I want to make this in so many colors. Looks like there might be a shopping trip in my future. LOL!

Pattern #2

Diagonal Ripple DIY
by Judith Russell 

This ripple design is just so different and new. I love how the ripples go sideways instead of in rows. It makes this pattern so unique. I think this blanket would be amazing in bright bold colors.

Pattern #1

Cloudy Day Ripple Throw
by Mary Ann Frits 

This is my all time favorite ripple blanket pattern. I have made one so far and am planning on making another one for my king size bed in our master bedroom. I really love the different stitches used in this blanket. It incorporates the granny stitch along with regular stitches which gives a truly unique design. That is why i picked The Cloudy Day Ripple as my #1 pattern.

Well there you have it everyone. Those are my top 20 favorite free ripple, wave, chevron pattern designs. I hope you enjoy them and get a few ideas for our new project. Use up some of that stash to make room for new Spring/Summer colors. There is truly no better gift to me than a handmade item.

I hope you enjoy the new installment of the Top 10 free patterns and as always;

I never go a day, without a little crochet!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

What types of designs would you like to see more of this Spring/Summer?

Hi there everyone. I know that I have been away for a while. I apologize. It has been hectic here at JMO Creations. Designing new patterns and getting loads of ideas for new ones. Of course you know that sometimes the designing process can be slow at time. Mainly because I actually have to make them first. LMAO!!!

What I want to know is what types of designs would you, My fans and customers would like to see more of this coming Spring and Summer. I am open to all ideas.

So many new things in the works and a few already being tested. Will have some new patterns coming out within the month. YAY!!!!!!

Please stop by and let me know what you would like to see.

Thank you in advance and have a great week.

As always,
I never go a day, without a little crochet.