Sunday, March 9, 2014

JMO Creations Top 10 Free Crochet patterns of the Week: baby/child addition

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So it's that time again. The Top 10 free patterns of the week.

This week I am going with a baby/child theme.

Todays top 10 is going to be a special addition of my top 15 because I can not make up my mind today. lmao

JMO Creations Top 15 Free Crochet Patterns of the Week - baby/child

Pattern # 15

29-210-3 Overalls
Pierrot (Gosyo Co., Ltd)

Pattern #14
Easy Crochet Longies
by Dedri Uys
So cute and simple for either a boy or a girl

Pattern #13

Poncho to fit toddler to XL adult
by bobwilson123

Pattern #12
Single Crochet Diaper Shirt
by AuntB

Pattern #11

Cat’s One Piece Wonder, Baby Diaper Cover
by Cathy Wood

I love how simple this pattern is and how it is perfect for either boys or girls just by changing the color. She also has a matching sweater for these cute pants.

Pattern #10

Baby Hoodie
by Bonnie Jacobs 

so cute to keep your little ones warm on these breezy spring evenings. Or winter if you are across the!

Pattern #9

Baby Girl Sleeper Set - Diaper Cover
by Abigail Goss

Pattern #8

Imagination Sweater Filet Stitch
by bobwilson123

I just love how cute this is and it is a perfect little sweater for the upcoming Easter holiday.

Pattern #7

Angel Wings Pinafore
by Maxine Gonser

This little dress is just screaming Spring!

Pattern #6

Sweet Little Granny Tunic Dress
by Ana Figueira

This cute little dress is just a really simple pattern that will make any little girl squeal with happiness.

Pattern #5
Eloise Baby Sweater
by Tamara Kelly 

I really love how unique this design is. I think it would also make an adorable little tunic dress over tights.

Pattern #4

Doreen Baby Set #206
by Nell Armstrong 

Pattern #3

Trina Gown
by Myshelle Cole 

This little gown is just so adorable and would amazing on any little princess. I love the little ruffles that cascade around the skirt of the dress. Perfect for Easter!

Pattern #2
The Shy Butterfly, Baby Sweater
by Cathy Wood 

I think this little sweater is just beautiful. The designer has a pattern for a matching beanie as well. I think both of them would make a wonderful little outfit for spring. They would keep your little princess warm on those cool breezy spring nights.

Pattern #1

Lollipop Romper

This little romper is just too cute. I love the little poofy legs. Spring is the time when bunches of little angels enter our lives and this little romper is perfect for spring.

There you have it everyone. My special spring edition of the top 10. Like I said; I couldn't make up my mind so I made it 15 instead. lmao!

I hope you all enjoy all the free patterns and if you make any of them I would love to see your finished projects as well.

A huge kudos to all the wonderful designers that made my list this week. Keep up the great work.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

JMO Creations Top 10 Free Crochet Patterns

JMO Creations Top 10 Free Crochet Patterns - Handbags

The theme is Handbags. I searched through Ravelry and picked my top 10 favorite free handbag/purse crochet patterns.

Spring is here in California and who wouldn't want a new handbag? So here are a few of my favorite designs.

JMO Creations Top 10 Free Crochet Patterns - Handbags

Pattern # 10

I love this little coin purse. It is so simple to make and so cute and functional. They would make amazing little party gifts as well.

Granny square coin purse
by Nicole M

Pattern # 9

I loved these cute little girls purses because there are so many little princesses out there who love to cary around there own little purses just like mommy. I also think these would be gret little gift/treat bags for girls birthday parties and they work up really quickly.

Little Girl Mini-Purses... free pattern
by Barbara Bazzocchi

Pattern # 8

I was first introduced to this adorable ruffled bag by Clare in a crochet tutorial. She has permission for the tutorial of this pattern by CrochetDreamz. It is so frilly and feminine and would make an amazing bag for a night out with your better half.

Bella Ruffled Bag
by CrochetDreamz

Pattern #7

This bag is so cute and simple that it's perfect for the everyday girl.

Granny Stripe Boutique Bag
by Sara Freisberg

Pattern #6

This cute little bag has so many possibilities. You can use variegated yarns or solids. Make it in any type of yarn you like or in whatever size you like. You can make it larger if you are like me and love a huge bag.

Oval Bottom Shell Bag
by Jenna Wingate

Pattern #5

This is one of my favorite bags to make right here. You can make it in any size you want. I have made so many of these myself and they are so simple and fast to make. You can change the look just by using different colors or different yarns. Clare Bobwilson123 has a tutorial on making it that takes you step by step and you can make one in less than two days depending on how fast you crochet. It is perfect for spring and summer because you can make it larger and use it as a beach bag. Love, Love, Love this bag.

Solid Granny Square Bottom Bag Crochet Tutorial
by bobwilson123

Pattern #4

This bag is just too cute and so girly.

Ribbon Accent Bag
by Pierrot (Gosyo Co., Ltd)

Pattern #3

This bag is a great scrap buster. You can use just one color or as many colors as you want. You can make it large or small. It makes a great summer bag. Super easy to make as well.

Cluster Stitch Bag Crochet Tutorial - Idea's for hat
by bobwilson123

Pattern #2

I think this bag is super feminine. The pattern calls for purse handles but i think it would look great with crocheted straps as well.

Ridged Ripples Handbag
by Annoo Crochet

Pattern #1
This is my favorite because of how large and chic it is. I absolutely love large bags as i have to carry around a lot of items in my bags. I love the simplicity of the bag as well. It reminds me of the expensive large handbags you see in magazines.

Plus Size Cable Bag
by Brenda Bourg

There you have it everyone. JMO Creations Top 10 free crochet patterns the handbags editions. lmao! Like I said; who doesn't love a new handbag. You get so much satisfaction when you make your own bag as well. I love to strut around my handmade bags and see peoples reactions when they find out that I made it myself.

Stay tunes for this weeks theme. I will be doing baby clothing this week since spring is always the time when little ones enter this world.

Have a great day everyone and remember;

Never go a day, Without a little crochet!